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Investment Properties

Start your property investment journey

Buying a brand-new property as a rental comes with its advantages. A lesser deposit is required meaning you can reach your goal of owning your investment property sooner. Pre-existing investment properties require a 40% deposit and new builds require a 20% deposit. Another advantage of having a new build is the maintenance costs in your first 10 years are drastically reduced. There are numerous warranties in place to keep you covered and all our house and land packages also come with a Master Build Guarantee.

Plaster and Linea Oblique Freedom Built New Build Home

Why Freedom Built?

Freedom Built have numerous years of experience in designing and constructing rental properties. We ensure the properties are well thought through to make the most of the section without comprising on size. These properties are built and installed with high-quality well-known products that will stand the test of time.


We design our properties to be a more appealing choice for potential tenants meaning your property will be a top pick for people looking, helping keep the occupancy rate high. We will run the build from start to finish, choosing all colours, finishes and we are more than happy to liaise with your property manager to get the property listed as soon as possible to find your perfect tenants. 

House and land packages

Take a look at our current house and land packages that may suit you when choosing your ideal rental property

Freedom Built New Build Home in Rolleston
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