Start your property investment journey

There are many forms of property investment in New Zealand with the most popular being rental properties.


With mortgage rates reaching an all time low dropping below 3% makes this the perfect time to start your journey. Especially when you weigh up delaying and leaving your money in the bank and earning around 1.15% on a term deposit with an inflation rate approx. 1.6-1.8% your money in a term deposit would be losing value!


According to Massey University Real Estate Analysis in the Home Affordability Report June 2020 Vol 31, No 1 shows that of the larger Regions such as Northland, Auckland, Waikato, Bay of Plenty Wellington, Hawkes Bay, Nelson, Canterbury and Otago, Canterbury has the most affordable homes. This helps make it a much more achievable area to buy a brand new 3 or 4 bedroom home as a rental property. Also in Massey University’s June 2020 Regional Rental affordability report, Canterbury had the most significant decrease in rental property affordability for tenants over the last quarter highlighting that the rents have been increasing meaning this is the region to invest to get the best return on investment for anyone looking at owning rental properties.

Buying a brand-new property as a rental comes with its advantages. First off you need less deposit meaning you can reach your goal of owning your investment property sooner with pre-existing investment properties requiring 40% deposit and brand new only 20%. Another advantage of having a brand new property is the maintenance costs in your first 10 years are drastically reduced with having a brand new build and most products have various warranties in place to keep you covered.



Why us to build your new rental?

First off we have experience working on our rentals and various others for investors and very carefully ensure we balance designing your property to get a high rental return without comprising the capital gain growth for when you sell it years down the track. We also provide good value for money in our properties with high-quality products that will stand the test of time. We design the properties to be a more appealing choice for potential tenants meaning your property will be a top pick for people looking helping keep the vacancy rate low.


Investment properties require a low time investment and we are here to help as much as possible. We are happy running the build from start to finish and choosing all colours and products, sorting curtains and planting and liaising with your property manager to get the property listed and find your perfect tenants.